A team of 16 marine specialists provided by marine solutions company, Offshore Marine Management (OMM) has helped Houston based Lighthouse R&D Enterprises Inc. to take their deepwater systems to an even deeper level with the installation of a new fibre-optic cable system near Cape Ras Al Hadd, Oman.

The new deepwater, cabled seabed observatory will undertake real-time characterisation of the marine environment around Cape Ras Al Hadd in 3000 meters of water.

A fibre-optic cable offering virtually unlimited bandwidth for the return of sensor data acts as the backbone to the system, which went live the beginning of January 2010.

The OMM team included deck supervisors, riggers, electrical technicians and cable engine drivers and David Selby, Operations Manager for Lighthouse R & D Enterprises, who praised them for their level of expertise, knowledge and professional hands-on approach.

The installation of this system marked the culmination of three years of effort by Lighthouse and its vendors to design, build, test and install this most advanced 4000 meter rated monitoring system for marine research.

Offshore Marine Management is an independent provider and supplier of managed marine cable solutions to clients in the offshore renewable, subsea telecoms and oil and gas industries, both nationally and internationally. Its range of range of management and engineering services include consultancy, cable route design, marine surveys and provision of marine resources while its personnel specialise in the installation of fibre-optic cables, oil and gas umbilicals, wind farm infrastructure and interconnector power cables.