The sabotage of a submarine fiber optic cable was at the origin of the giant Internet blackout that paralyzed the digital economy in Gabon from Thursday night to Monday morning, according to the technicians of Gabon Telecom who we met on the Libreville seafront full repairs.

“We have been a victim of sabotage. A fiber optic submarine cable was sabotaged and we are making repairs in many places, “said a Moroccan technician.

“We do not know who did it,” he added, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Gabon Telecom is to date the largest internet provider in Gabon. It operates since 2003, the fiber optic cable Sat 3. The country has secured a new submarine cable: Cable ACE deemed to be more powerful, but it has hardly been used and commercialized since landing  on the coast Gabon in January 2012.

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