Roundtable on “Enabling the Global Energy Transition”

Roundtable on "Enabling the Global Energy Transition" (left upper corner and then clockwise): Ragnhild Katteland, Sarah Lockett, John Hill, Ulrik Stridbæk By Sarah Lockett, Ragnhild Katteland, John Hill and Ulrik Stridbæk September 21, 2020 The following is an edited discussion of a few core topics at a recent Nexans-hosted virtual roundtable on Enabling [...]

SubTel Forum Call for September Offshore Energy Articles

SubTel Forum Magazine Releases Call for Articles for September Offshore Energy Issue SubTel Forum Press Release July 31, 2019 The September 2019 issue of Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine ( is “Offshore Energy” and various authors are invited to publish an article on this or a related theme. The issue will delve into topics ranging from [...]

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