By SubTel Forum

According to the SEACOM website, the project is now just 48 days away from completion. “The Site Acceptance Testing was recently completed in Mombasa,” said Brian Herlihy, SEACOM's CEO, “and the terminal installation has also been completed in South Africa.”

SEACOM recently launched an “above-the-line” advertising campaign in Africa in order to create awareness of their product offering. Their ads can be seen in a number of print publications and on billboards at various airports. They have also created a Twitter account with the screen name “SeacomLive.” Apparently they will also be launching a blog in the coming weeks.

SEACOM will be attending the following events in May:

7th Annual Digital Africa Summit 19 – 21 May 2009 Kampala, Uganda

TelTech Africa 2009 6th & 7th July 2009 Johannesburg, South Africa

Wireless Broadband World Africa 09 13 – 16 July 2009 Cape Town, South Africa