By AP Telecom

AP Telecom, a facilities-based telecom consulting and service company specializing in emerging markets, today announced that Emerald Networks has contracted AP Telecom to serve as overall Program Manager in the creation of a new submarine cable system connecting North America, Europe and Iceland (USA, Canada, Iceland, Ireland, and the United Kingdom).

Emerald Networks has addressed the need for new international communications infrastructure with the creation of the lowest latency Trans-Atlantic undersea cable network that connects North America, Europe and Iceland and also connects these regions to the rest of the world. The Emerald Networks team has contracted AP Telecom to serve as overall Program Manager for the effort.

AP Telecom, a global leader in the development of undersea fiber networks sales, will provide Project Manager support to the Emerald Networks development team. As part of the overall program management, AP Telecom will provide Emerald Networks with specialists in the various commercial aspects of system design, procurement and the sales strategy behind leveraging the capabilities and reach of their network.

“To succeed in a venture such as this requires that the development team have a broad range of specialized skills, and the practical experience to efficiently manage through the myriad issues that will arise,” said Ray Sembler, CEO of Emerald Networks. “We believe AP Telecom brings all of this expertise and more to the Emerald Networks team.”

“We are honored to be a part of such an important project in one of the world's fastest-growing telecom markets and working within the Emerald Networks team to bring their plans to fruition,” said John Hibbard, Board Member of AP Telecom and President of the Pacific Telecommunications Council (PTC). “We're pleased to play a major role in the development of the first new undersea network connection across the Atlantic in nearly 10 years, and assist Emerald with a roll-out of the applications needed to meet their customer's demands in the 21st century.”

About Emerald Networks

Emerald Networks (EN) recognizes the imminent shortage of low latency trans-Atlantic bandwidth, and after extensive R&D and market research, the company founders, and institutional investor – Welcome Trust, have combined in Emerald Networks to build a network that jumps a generation in technology and offers a unique opportunity to Fortune 1000 companies to access low latency Transatlantic bandwidth and low cost green energy data center solutions in Newfoundland and Iceland with Ireland's strategic location.

Emerald Networks – Emerald Limited is registered in the Isle of Man, and is privately owned, operated and funded with offices in Atlanta, GA, Houston, TX, and Reykjavik, Iceland. For more information on Emerald Networks, please visit

About AP Telecom

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