AEC-2 Cable System Has Landed in Ireland

The AEC-2 submarine cable has landed in Ireland and is the first new subsea system directly linking North America to Denmark.By Paul Lipscombe, Data Center Dynamics
September 15, 2022

The cable, which launched in 2020, is Aqua Comms' second Trans-Atlantic subsea cable system after the AEC-1, and connects the US to Denmark.

Its landing in Ireland was confirmed by Aqua Comms CEO Nigel Bayliff in a LinkedIn post this month.

It is the first new subsea system directly linking North America to Denmark and the Nordic region in twenty years, and starts from NJFX, a carrier-neutral cable landing station and Tier 3 colocation facility in New Jersey, providing the option to bypass New York City.

The new AEC-2 cable links directly to Denmark offering complete diversity from traditional landing points in the UK. The AEC-2 cable system delivers the latest technology and offers wavelength services ranging from 10G, 100G, and 400G.

Also named Havfrue, (Norweigian for “mermaid”) the cable is funded by a partnership between Google and Facebook, with investors including Aqua Comms and Bulk Infrastructure.

Bayliff also revealed that the AEC-3 cable which will connect Boston, US, to Slough, UK will be complete soon. It's the company's third Trans-Atlantic subsea cable, and will deliver 10GB, 100GB, and 400GB wavelengths, and is expected to launch next year.

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