DE-CIX and Seaborn Networks Partner to Bring World-Class Intercontinental Connectivity Between North and South America and Europe

DE-CIX and Seaborn Networks announced that Seaborn has established an interconnection to DE-CIX New York for direct access from Seabras-1.DE-CIX Press Release
March 11, 2019

NEW YORK DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator with the fastest-growing IX in the New York metro area, and Seaborn Networks (“Seaborn”), a leading developer-owner-operator of subsea fiber optic cable systems, today announce that Seaborn has established an interconnection to DE-CIX New York enabling turn-key direct access from Seabras-1Seabras-1, built, owned and operated by Seaborn, is a fully operational 6-fiber pair, 72Tbps submarine cable system between Brazil and the U.S offering the lowest latency path between São Paulo and the NY metro area.

Seaborn’s interconnection to DE-CIX New York provides Seabras-1 customers in South America with the ability to reach over 200 networks within the US without incurring long provisioning intervals and additional costs such as cross connect fees. Further, customers on Seabras-1 gain access to DE-CIX Frankfurt via its GlobePEER Remote solution. GlobePEER Remote provides VLAN connectivity from DE-CIX New York enabling companies to peer with networks connected to DE-CIX Frankfurt and Marseille as well as Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf and Istanbul reaching more than 1,000 European-Asian-African networks.

DE-CIX New York is the largest IX and the only Open-IX certified carrier and data center-neutral IX in that market. DE-CIX North America operates exchanges in two markets; the second is DE-CIX Dallas, the Southwest region’s fastest-growing carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange.

With a direct connection to DE-CIX New York and its GlobePEER Remote solution, Seaborn‘s Seabras-1 customers can receive the following benefits:

  • Seabras-1 provides the lowest latency path between Sa?o Paulo, Brazil and DE-CIX New York
  • Turnkey solution that bypasses traditional interconnection challenges due to newly established direct connectivity to DE-CIX
  • Direct access to DE-CIX Frankfurt and Marseille via GlobePEER Remote
  • No additional cross connect fees to reach any DE-CIX customer globally.
  • The most direct route to New York, avoiding hurricane zones of the Southeast US and the Caribbean
  • A more reliable and resilient path between Brazil, USA and Europe utilizing Seaborn’s 24/7 proprietary NOC and benefitting from 100% subterranean backhaul within Brazil

“I am thrilled that DE-CIX’s unique solution is now available to South American networks over Seabras-1’s lowest latency network to New York,” comments Ed d’Agostino, General Manager, DE-CIX North America. “Through Seaborn, DE-CIX is readily accessible throughout Brazil bringing world-class connectivity between North America and South America and Europe.”

“This partnership with DE-CIX provides Brazil’s IP networks with one-stop-shop, remote IPX access to DE-CIX’s most compelling interconnect locations, leveraging the scale and agility of Seaborn’s Seabras-1 system,” adds Larry Schwartz, Seaborn’s CEO.  “In this new arrangement, Seaborn is pleased to continue supporting the global expansion initiatives of Brazil’s ISP community.”

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About Seaborn Networks

Seaborn Networks is a leading developer-owner-operator of submarine fiber optic cable systems, including Seabras-1 between São Paulo – New York. Seabras-1 is the only direct POP to POP system between Brazil and the US, offering the lowest latency route between B3 and the trading exchanges based in New Jersey.  For more information, please visit

Media Contact:
Kate Wilson, Head of Marketing, Media at Seaborn Networks [email protected]

About DE-CIX

DE-CIX – the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator – provides premium interconnection services and runs 18 carrier and data center-neutral IXs globally.  Founded in 1995, DE-CIX serves 1500+ carriers, ISPs and content networks from 100+ countries, including all leading international players in various metro markets in Europe, the Middle East, India and North America. With close to 7 Terabits per second of peak traffic, DE-CIX Frankfurt is the world’s leading Internet Exchange. For more information, please visit

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