Libya Signs Contract to Connect to Medusa Submarine Cable

Libya's LUIC signs to connect with the Medusa cable, enhancing telecom services and linking Europe to Africa.By Ibrahim Senusi, Libya Herald
November 4, 2023

The Libyan United International Company (LUIC), one of the newly established private sector companies working in the field of communications, signed a contract last Thursday to connect Libya to the Medusa submarine cable project.

The Medusa submarine cable system connects all of Libya to Europe with the countries of the Mediterranean Basin, including Italy, Spain, Portugal. Morocco, Tunisia, Greece, Egypt and Cyprus.

The LUIC is a newly established consortium of several private sector Libyan companies working in the field of communications.

The signing ceremony, held in Tripoli, was attended by the Chairman of the LUIC, Ibrahim Rehab, the Spanish Ambassador to Libya, Javier Garcia-Larrache, representatives of the Medusa submarine cable system from Spain, directors of several Libyan telecommunications companies, and engineers and specialists in the communications sector.

Catch up with peers
In this regard, the Chairman of the LUIC, Ibrahim Rehab, told Libya Herald that signing a contract to link Libya with the Medusa submarine cable will enable Libya to develop the services of the telecommunications sector and keep pace with the developments taking place in many of the countries that preceded it in signing the link with this cable.

Enables Libya to export telecoms services
He said this would also make Libya an exporter of telecommunications and Internet services to African countries located to the immediate south of Libya in the first stage and to sub-Saharan countries in the second stage. This, he added, brings good economic returns and opens various fields of work for workers in the fields of telecommunications.

Make Libya an important hub
Rehab believes that hosting the Medusa submarine cable system within the communications infrastructure in Libya will enable the provision of additional communication solutions and enhance the diversity of the submarine cable infrastructure, which represents a significant step in the Libyan communications sector and contributes to making Libya an important hub for linking Europe to Africa.

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