Orange Boosts Link Between French Guiana and America with New Kanawa Submarine Cable

Orange announced the official inauguration of Kanawa submarine cable, a 1,746 km-long cable linking French Guiana and Martinique.By Ray Sharma, The Fast Mode
January 21, 2019

Orange announced the official inauguration of Kanawa submarine cable, a 1,746 km-long cable linking French Guiana and Martinique that was financed entirely by Orange.

Kanawa is also a submarine cable that provides a link between French Guiana and the American continent. Completed in under two years, this cable will support and anticipate the strong growth in digital uses and improve the quality of the network.

This is the final stage of the project before the operational and commercial startup of the cable – scheduled for the end of January – when Kanawa will be able to play a leading role in the development of new digital services.

Kanawa benefits from the most cutting-edge technology currently used in fibre optics: WDM (Wavelength Division Multiplexing) which can increase the capacity according to needs without requiring any new submarine work. Made up of two pairs of fibres, Kanawa can send up to 100*100Gbit/s or 10 terabits/s and is one of the most powerful cables in the region.

Orange Marine, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Orange Group laid the cable connecting Kourou to Schœlcher in Martinique.

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