Sub.Co's Oman-Australia Cable is Ready for Service!

Carrying commercial traffic in one month.

SUB.CO’s OAC cable is live and has a cross-connection to the Indigo cable system which gives a route from Australia to Europe & the US.By
September 30, 2022

SUB.CO’s Australia-Oman cable is live.

The project was first floated by Bevan Slattery in 2019, and was laid from Perth to Oman between July 2021 and April 2022.

A cross-connection to the Indigo cable system gives SUB.CO a route from Australia to Europe and the USA.

Founder Bevan Slattery announced the go-live on LinkedIn.

“Massive thank you to the entire team at Subco especially Lee, Carlos and Celia who have been there since day 1 on this journey and Jason S and Tom who have played a major role in getting the network up. One more month of testing and we pass commercial traffic!!” he said.

A key differentiator for the cable is its route.

When the cable landed in Perth in July 2021, Slattery said: “Currently, every submarine cable that connects Europe/Middle East to Asia goes through a single 100 mile stretch of water in the Malacca Strait that is also one of the most earthquake prone, most fished, most active shipping areas in the world. It is the Suez Canal of the Cloud,” he said.

He also pointed out that cables departing Western Australia all follow a path through the Sunda Strait to land in Singapore.

Since the Oman-Australia cable avoids both the Sunda and Malacca Strats, it should also avoid events that can take out multiple cables on those routes.

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