Cable Faults Impact Internet in Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos

Undersea Cable Faults Cause Internet Chaos in Vietnam, Cambodia & Lao PDR By Stella-maris Ewudolu June 2, 2020 Vietnam’s high level of digital penetration has been a saving grace during the COVID-19 lockdown, enabling home-based work, e-learning, and e-Commerce to thrive. It has been a somewhat different situation for those using international online services though, [...]

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Huawei’s Cable Project Moves Forward in SE Asia

Huawei’s Undersea Cable Project Moves Forward in SE Asia By Chen Qingqing, Global Times June 20, 2019 Despite security concerns raised by the US and its major allies regarding Huawei's undersea cable projects, the Chinese company is welcomed by Southeast Asian countries and it will continue to move forward in its undersea cable business, which [...]