SUBMARINE CABLE HUBS AROUND THE WORLD By Patrick Faidherbe, Laurent Campagne, Georges Krebs and Jean Devos February 3, 2021 What is a submarine cable hub? A submarine cable hub is essentially a point where submarine cables interconnect with each other. It is a location where submarine cables very often terminate or, at least, extend a [...]

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The Open Road to Submarine Capacity

THE OPEN ROAD TO SUBMARINE CAPACITY Managing Optical Power Levels in Open Submarine Cables By Geoff Bennett January 26, 2021 The submarine network market is experiencing unprecedented demand growth, and it has even seen a boost from the changes in our working patterns brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. A major trend over the past [...]


A GLOBAL OUTLOOK AS PROJECT ‘KOETE’ CONTINUES TO GO ‘BEYOND’ A First Of Its Kind US$1.5 Bn Technology Ecosystem Being Developed By Peter Bannister & Gary Kennedy January 25, 2021 In line with Forum Magazine’s theme of ‘Global Outlook’ let us tell you a little about Perth in Western Australia where we live and work [...]


SUBMARINE CABLE DESIGN LIFE LESSONS: A Case Study for Operating the Italy Greece-1 Repeaterless Cable System Beyond the Design Life By Brian Crawford January 22, 2021 When UNIFI COMMUNICATIONS (UNIFI) completed its acquisition of WIS TELECOM (WIS) during 2016, the transaction included an existing submarine cable between Italy and Greece, known as the Italy Greece-1 [...]

Data Centers: ‘Carbon Processing Units’ and Green Solution Providers?

Data Centers: ‘Carbon Processing Units’ and Green Solution Providers? Do data centres & ICT stand in the way of global environmental goals, or are they already enabling our green future? Derek Webster says it’s time to look at the facts By Derek Webster January 21,2021 “When I went to school, I had books and access [...]

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THE CARRIER GUIDE TO 2021 By Mattias Fridström

THE CARRIER GUIDE TO 2021: Traffic, Technology and Unsung Heroes By Mattias Fridström January 21, 20201 According to the Chinese Zodiac, 2021 is the Year of the Ox. In Chinese culture, oxen are considered to be honest and earnest. They are determined and stubborn, but also low-key and don’t seek praise. This often hides their [...]

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LATENCY IS THE NEW CURRENCY By Dag Aanensen January 19, 2021 When I started my career in Telecoms 25 years ago, data had to travel twice over the Atlantic to be processed, even if the local providers where only a few houses apart. Quality was poor due to packet loss and the cost per Mbit [...]

PTC 2021 and Beyond

PTC 2021 and Beyond SubTel Forum Feature January 19, 2021 What started in 1978 (incorporated in 1980) as a forum for the interchange of ideas regarding telecommunications by several University of Hawaii professors along with others in the US, Japan and Mexico in particular, has grown into a conference with over 8000 participants each year [...]

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SubTel Forum Magazine #116 – Global Outlook – OUT NOW!

SubTel Forum Magazine #116 - Global Outlook - OUT NOW! SubTel Forum Press Release January 18, 2021 READ ISSUE NOW What's Inside: Articles from 21 industry thought leaders and magnates discussing the changing landscape of the global submarine cable market, the ongoing impact of COVID-19 on project management and just where the industry [...]

SubTel Forum Magazine Issue 110 Now Available

Submarine Telecoms Forum Magazine Issue 110 - Global Outlook Is Now Live! SubTel Forum Press Release January 19, 2020 SubTel Forum is pleased to announce that Issue 110 of the Magazine is now available! In this issue we discuss the current state of the submarine fiber market, what’s on the horizon, an interview with the [...]