By SubTel Forum

Southern Cross announced the development and availability of an Ethernet Private Line (EPL) service in their recent company newsletter.  This service, called Giganet, is available in 1GbE and 10GbE variants.  The product has been designed to take advantage of Southern Cross inherent diverse ring structure, and as such will be available in both protected and n-drop configurations.

The products have been positioned to be directly comparable in price, MIU-pt requirement and O&M to existing Southern Cross SDH/Gigawave equivalent capacities.

The 10 GbE offering (Giganet 10) is available in a LAN-PHY configuration supporting virtual concatenation and LCAS. Initial traffic configuration requirements are 8 VC-4’s, with incremental capacity in 4 x VC-4 steps. 10Gb WAN-PHY services can be carried across the Southern Cross network via STM-64 interfaces and do not support a ‘sub-speed’ configuration. Drop Restoration capability is supported, where applicable, for traffic speeds greater than 2.5Gbps.

A 1 GbE offering (Giganet) is also available supporting virtual concatenation and LCAS, with incremental capacity in 1 x VC-4 steps. Drop Restoration capability is not supported on 1GbE (Giganet) services.