By SubTel Forum

Taiwan mobile telecom carrier Far EasTone Telecommunications' (FET) subsidiary New Century InfoComm Tech (NCIC) on March 31 signed with Pacnet, Asia's leading provider of submarine cable-based telecommunication services, for partnership on connectivity of Pacnet's submarine cable network EAC-C2C and to help Pacnet set up an IDC (Internet data center) in Taiwan, according to a DigiTimes article.

The partnership is based on mutual benefit. NCIC will provide terrestrial connectivity based on fiber-optic networks between EAC-C2C landing stations in Taiwan to enhance the resilience of the submarine cable network in cases of emergency (such as damage caused by earthquakes), while Pacnet will provide additional international connectivity for NCIC, which is especially import for NCIC to meet fast growing demand for data communications between Taiwan and China, FET pointed out.

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