By Solomon Islands Broadcasting Corporation

The undersea cable project proposed for Solomon Islands will have its operational phase by October next year.

Asian Development Bank (ADB) Social Development Specialist Ninebeth Carandang confirms this at a breakfast meeting at the Heritage Park Hotel in Honiara today.

In her presentation, Ms Ninebeth says the project will be financed through the Asian Development Fund loan and grant funds and equity brought in by the Solomons Oceanic Cable Company.

She says all partners in the project will have a meeting in the next two weeks to finalise other necessary areas before the actual work commences next year.

The Submarine cable is proposed to be sourced from Sydney, where it believes to be in high-speed communications.

Major components of the network will be an international link from Sydney to Honiara, a domestic link from Honiara to Auki and from Honiara to Noro in the Western Province.

The cable project is expected to help improve the country’s connectivity to the rest of the world, offer new domestic and regional economic opportunities, reduce communication costs and assist with service delivery.

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