Cuba Praises the Progress of Submarine Cable to Martinique

Submarine cable Arimao has landed in Martinique and will connect Cuba with the French territory, giving Cubans a second international link. By Prensa Latina
January 10, 2023

Havana, Jan 10 (Prensa Latina) The Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment Rodrigo Malmierca praised today from his Twitter account the progress of the installation of the Arimao submarine cable, which since Monday joined Cuba and Martinique.

In this social network, Malmierca highlighted that the execution of this work by the French company Orange creates conditions to improve the services of the Cuban Telecommunications Company SA (Etecsa), against those who block and accuse of not bringing the internet to the population.

The Cuban Revolution works for the people. Better without blocking, he meant it in his message on twitter.

Also on that social network, the president of ETECSA, Tania Velázquez, confirmed that this Monday the Arimao fiber optic submarine cable, between Cuba and Martinique, reached its destination, after its deployment began on December 9 from the Tricontinental Port of Hundred fires.

“Advancing in the announced project, today the new Arimao submarine cable that joins the coasts of Cuba makes landfall in Martinique, a connection system that will diversify and expand the internet access capabilities of our country,” he wrote. .

This project materializes from an agreement between ETECSA and the French company Orange, its installation was carried out from the Pierre de Fermat cable ship, through 2,500 kilometers, and parallel to its installation was carried out the construction of a station in Cienfuegos for the technical services that will give vitality to the connection.

To avoid complications to the environment, the Cuban authorities took into account the protection of the marine ecosystem and the effects in areas with large concentrations of plants, in addition to the spawning periods of leatherback turtles.

Regarding the Arimao project, Cuban Vice Prime Minister Jorge Luis Perdomo recently pointed out that it is a sign of the Government's willingness to expand the island's international communications system, in order to advance in the process of computerization and digital transformation of society.

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