Bulk Fiber Networks’ HAVSIL Fully Contracted

Marine survey is complete, and all key suppliers aligned to keep Bulk on track for the 2021 ready for service target.

Bulk confirms that the 120 km unrepeatered HAVSIL subsea cable will be ready for service in November 2021.Bulk Press Release
April 28, 2021

Oslo – Bulk Infrastructure, the Nordics’ leading provider of ultra-scalable, highly connected, sustainable data centers and fiber networks, announced completion of the Marine Survey for the HAVSIL submarine cable between Kristiansand in Norway and Hanstholm in Denmark. All key supply contracts are signed, and installation will begin this summer. The ready-for-service date is scheduled for November 2021.

The HAVSIL cable will be the shortest route connecting Norway to continental Europe, improving diversity by avoiding congested traditional fiber routes. First announced in February, the project marks success in end-to-end project execution. HAVSIL will be the first system that is fully financed, built and operated by Bulk Fiber Networks.

In June, Telia Carrier signed up as an anchor customer and the Norwegian Communications Authority selected the HAVSIL system to serve as the new secure main fiber route between Norway and abroad.

The HAVSIL cable between Norway and Denmark will span Skagerrak, the strait separating the two nations, with 192 fibers fully buried on the seabed for protection and reliability. HAVSIL significantly improves connectivity, capacity and route diversity between Norway and continental Europe. Bulk offers flexible IRU or long-term lease agreements for single or multiple Dark Fiber pairs on the submarine cable.

In early January, leading Geo-data specialist Fugro completed the marine survey with their vessel Fugro Meridian, finalizing the optimal marine route. NSW, part of Prysmian Group, will manufacture the 120 km fiber optic subsea cable in their Nordenham factory. The final supply contract milestone came with the recent signing of Cecon Contracting to perform the installation and marine operations for the system. Cecon Contracting have chartered Havila Phoenix to complete the offshore phase of the HAVSIL project this summer.

“The HAVSIL cable adds much-needed diversity for the fiber routes to and from Norway and will be the shortest route connecting Norway to continental Europe. This project also represents the first subsea cable project fully built, operated and financed by Bulk. We are very grateful to work with such professional partners as Fugro, NSW and Cecon to make this project come together,” says Merete Caubet, Vice President, Fiber Networks of Bulk Infrastructure.

HAVSIL is an unrepeated, low latency, high capacity, express route between Bulk’s data center campuses N01 in Kristiansand and DK01 in Esbjerg. The cable will be ready for service in November 2021 and will enable greater use of surplus 100% renewable energy data centers in the South of Norway.

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