Introducing the Nuvem Subsea Cable

Google Cloud announces Nuvem, a transatlantic subsea cable connecting Portugal, Bermuda, and the U.S., set to operate in 2026.By Brian Quigley, Google
September 25, 2023

Today, we’re announcing Nuvem, a new transatlantic subsea cable system to connect Portugal, Bermuda, and the United States.

Named after the Portuguese word for “cloud,” Nuvem will improve network resiliency across the Atlantic, helping meet growing demand for digital services. The new cable path will add international route diversity and support the development of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure for the continents and countries involved.

Studies show the positive trade, investment, and productivity gains a subsea cable can bring to a country. With improved internet affordability and access, societies can continue to modernize — people acquire skills and knowledge that open doors to new job opportunities, while businesses and governments increase productivity as a result of digital transformation. Nuvem’s landing locations have embraced this opportunity and urgency, and are fast emerging as hubs for international connectivity.

Over the last few years, the Government of Bermuda has undertaken significant efforts to attract investment in subsea cable infrastructure and create a digital Atlantic hub — including passing new legislation to create cable corridors and streamline permitting. Nuvem will not only be the first cable to land under this robust environment, but the first to connect Bermuda with Europe.

“Bermuda has long been committed to the submarine cable market, and we welcome the Nuvem cable to our fast-growing digital Atlantic hub,” said Walter Roban, Bermuda Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs. “Bermuda looks forward to working with Google on its cable project — and on building a broader partnership to leverage the benefits of the investment in digital infrastructure.”

“The Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA) welcomes the announcement by Google that Bermuda will be the home of a new transatlantic cable on the path to becoming a digital hub of the Atlantic,” said David Hart, CEO, Bermuda Business Development Agency. “The BDA has long advocated that Bermuda’s centrality makes it an ideal landfall and interconnection point for submarine cables between the Americas, Europe and Africa and we are so excited these efforts have borne fruit. With around 95% of the world’s communications being carried on submarine cable networks, Bermuda’s role as an international data-transit switch will provide increased network resiliency and redundancy to countries on both sides of the Atlantic for decades to come.”

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