Mérida Businesses Get a Major Internet Upgrade With Underseas Cables

Businesses in Mérida are set for a connectivity leap with Liberty Networks' latest PoP and undersea cables, enhancing speed and global reach.By Yucatán Magazine
April 10, 2024

Liberty Networks, an internet infrastructure company serving Latin America and the Caribbean, has opened a new connection point in Mérida. This will provide faster speeds, better reliability, and easier connections to the United States for businesses in the region.

The new point of presence (PoP) is part of Florida-based Liberty Networks’ ongoing investment in the region’s internet infrastructure. The company operates a vast network of cables and connection points spanning 40 countries. This expansion is meant to help businesses in Yucatan compete on a global scale.

“Faster, more reliable internet is crucial for companies in Yucatan to reach their full potential,” said Carmine Sorrentino, Vice President and Commercial and Operations Director of Liberty Networks’ Wholesale Networks business. “This investment puts Yucatán on the map with cutting-edge internet connectivity.”

Last year, Liberty Networks and Gold Data announced their new submarine cable systems, GD-1 and LN-1, which complement the new PoPs. The subsea system was designed to provide two diverse routes with the shortest latency from Mexico to the United States, offering additional connectivity between critical hubs in these two countries as new routes.

This new Point of Presence serves the local Mérida market and acts as a central hub for organizations that need reliable and scalable connections with the United States. This allows companies to connect with a global network of customers and partners, ultimately promoting international growth.

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