STF Mag Feature: 7 Questions with Gil Santaliz

Talking Technology Trends with NJFX’s CEO

NJFX CEO Gil Santaliz talks NJFX mission, what makes it unique in the submarine cable market and more in Issue 122 of Subtel Forum Magazine.January 19, 2022

  1. What is NJFX’s mission?

Our Mission is to grow our existing secure layer-one fiber ecosystem infrastructure providing global reliability and diversity to the foundation of the internet and global mission critical connectivity. Today, NJFX serves over 30 network operators across five subsea cables, 20 terrestrial cables interconnecting Europe, South America and the Caribbean and over 300 ASN’s in a global internet exchange from Wall, NJ in the USA.

  1. How does NJFX participate in the submarine cable market?

NJFX is a Communication Infrastructure marketplace where layer one submarine providers, terrestrial fiber networks, Internet Exchanges, CDN’s and global networks interexchange network  traffic. The Submarine cable market can depend on this carrier neutral existing collocation CLS infrastructure to deploy its SLTE operating with a higher rate of availability and performance than extending out on a single terrestrial backhaul ring system. These extensions to other network hubs which aren’t purpose built introduce new failure points reducing uptime and exposing national security threats to subsea systems. As an active participant in this subsea industry, NJFX actively participates in trade shows to grow an ecosystem supporting the diversity of the subsea systems it hosts. In 2021, NJFX reached critical mass with physical carrier infrastructure assets of subsea, terrestrial cables & carriers POP’s to support the needed diversity for “Never Down” solutions.

  1. Is NJFX currently involved with many new submarine cable projects?

NJFX is always active with multiple new subsea projects working their way to “CIF” Contract in Force. These development projects look to eliminate risk and provide a clear path to deployment with a 25 year horizon of operations. Our design allows for decades of concurrent maintainability without planned outages for a layering of subsea systems at various stages of their life cycles.

  1. What makes NJFX unique in the submarine system market?

NJFX is the only Tier3 Carrier Neutral CLS Campus in North America.  The CLS was purpose built in 2016 at 64 ft above sea level with a Hurricane 5 resistant design, Tier3 electrical & cooling infrastructure, 2N electric distribution & UPS, four diverse POE’s, professional Meet Me Rooms for carrier-neutral interconnectivity and access to existing diverse North & South front haul conduits to beach manholes with bore pipes. Understanding the critical importance of security, our collocation Tier3 by the Subsea CLS collocation facility includes mantraps, level 3 ballistic proof walls, dual authentic biometric access system and redundant site access control rooms with closed circuit BMS/Security Cameras. It is uniquely designed for secure collocation with high density options offering a variety of fiber routes by-passing the non-purpose built traditional carrier hotels.

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