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Building Blocks and Specificities of Regional Systems

Building Blocks and Specificities of Regional Systems By Jean-Francois Baget July 20, 2020 What is a regional system? There is no official definition of the Regional System, however the most widely accepted one is based on distance, where regional system may span from a few hundred kilometers to a few thousands, typically 3,000 to 4,000 [...]

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The North Atlantic Loop

The North Atlantic Loop By Chris Bayly July 20, 2020 Aqua Comms, the independent carriers’ carrier and the owner-operator of five subsea cables will be launching its North Atlantic Loop in the second half of 2020. The North Atlantic Loop will comprise of two major Trans-Atlantic cables and three regional cables to bring to the [...]

Fibre Broadband Networks: An Investor’s Introduction

Fibre Broadband Networks: An Investor’s Introduction By Mike Conradi, Rubayet Choudhury and Christian Keogh March 16, 2020 Infrastructure and institutional investors are increasingly turning their attention to digital infrastructure assets and the global rollout of fibre broadband.  Fibre-to-the-home in particular is seen as an essential component of digital transformation and as providing a large pool [...]

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Managing Underutilized Submarine Cable Assets

Managing Underutilized Assets: Embarking on a Path of Seeking Out Project-based Opportunities By Chris de Josselin March 16, 2020 The StrataNet business continues to evolve in line with its strategy plan to become the Global Telecom Infrastructure Company of the future. StrataNet’s strategy of acquiring distressed subsea assets from those carriers streamlining their international business [...]

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Crosslake Fibre Toronto – New York Network Goes Live

Crosslake Fibre Goes Live with New Toronto – New York Network Crosslake Fibre Press Release October 22, 2019 Toronto and New Jersey – Crosslake Fibre announces today that the first new fibre-optic cable constructed between Toronto and New York in almost two decades is complete and has entered commercial service. The diverse, ultra-low latency route [...]

Infinera Announces XR Optics for Transport Network

Infinera Announces XR Optics – Game-changing Technology for Transport Network Transformation Infinera Press Release September 23, 2019 Sunnyvale, Calif. – Infinera (NASDAQ: INFN) today introduced XR optics, the industry’s first point-to-multipoint coherent optical subcarrier aggregation technology optimized for hub-and-spoke traffic patterns. XR optics is engineered to break the inherent limitations of traditional point-to-point optical transmission [...]

Vocus Adds Hawaiki Capacity, Upgrades Network

Vocus Rolls Out Network Upgrades, Adds Hawaiki Capacity By CIO New Zealand September 4, 2019 Vocus has added substantial volume of Hawaiki cable capacity to its network, and invested millions in network upgrades. Mark Callander, chief executive of Vocus NZ and Wholesale and International Australia, says the Hawaiki deal strengthens the company’s network and complements [...]

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NBC Contracts DataCo to Develop National Network

NBC Inks Partnership With DataCo to Develop National Network By Telecompaper June 6, 2019 Papua New Guinea’s PNG DataCo and the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) PNG have signed a partnership agreement to deliver the government’s ICT project in major towns in the country. Under the agreement, PNG DataCo will be leasing twelve NBC sites to [...]

Telstra Adds Transpacific Capacity to Cable Network

Telstra Adds Transpacific Capacity to Subsea Cable Network By Rohan Pearce, Computerworld January 15, 2019 Telstra today revealed that it had purchased additional capacity on the New Cross Pacific (NCP) Cable as well as undertaken a “further investment” in the FASTER cable system. FASTER lands in Japan, Taiwan and the US west coast. NCP connects [...]

Liquid Telecom to Invest in Egypt Network, Data Center

Liquid Telecom Plans $400m Network Infrastructure, Data Center Investment in Egypt By Tanwen Dawn-Hiscox December 10, 2018 Over the next three years. Continuing its partnership with Telecom Egypt, Liquid Telecom is planning to spend $400m on building out its network infrastructure and data centers across Egypt. A subsidiary of major telecommunications provider Econet, Liquid Telecom [...]

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