Tokelau To Receive Connectivity Via Southern Cross NEXT

Southern Cross Cables Press Release

January 22, 2018

Nukunonu/Bermuda – Southern Cross Cable CEO, Anthony Briscoe, and Teletok CEO, Tealofi Enosa today announced a landmark milestone for Tokelau, with confirmation by Teletok, Tokelau’s telecommunications service provider, to the Southern Cross NEXT subsea cable which will provide the lowest latency and fastest connectivity from Tokelau to Australia and the United States of America.

Teletok’s international capacity requirements are growing rapidly due to increased demand from both fixed and mobile broadband capabilities across Tokelau, and are anticipated to further increase as greater connectivity is achieved throughout the islands. The Southern Cross NEXT cable solves a major piece of the international bandwidth puzzle for Teletok for the next 20 plus years.

Teletok CEO, Tealofi Enosa, said “Our customers throughout Tokelau rely on Teletok for international connectivity to internet and telecommunications services, and our commitment to the Southern Cross NEXT project will allow us to efficiently continue to service their growing needs. The flexibility that Southern Cross Cables have offered us ensures our customers will receive low latency connectivity from Tokelau to Australia and the US, and ensure we have the highest level of online response times. Teletok’s involvement with the Southern Cross NEXT project will provide key infrastructure enabling Tokelau’s Government sectors to develop and enable ‘next level’ initiatives such as telemedicine and remote learning support.”

Southern Cross has been a major component of Pacific Island connectivity for the past 15 years, and is delighted to be able to help expand and enhance the community interconnectivity through the Southern Cross NEXT project.

The new Southern Cross NEXT cable system is due go live in late 2019 and will connect Tokelau to Australia, New Zealand and the US, as well as a number of other Pacific Islands. The system is designed to be able to provide more than 60 Terabits of capacity, which is significantly larger than any current or planned system. The Southern Cross NEXT cable will also connect to a number of Pacific Islands on its path across the Pacific Ocean providing international cable capacity in places where none exists today greatly enhancing the interconnectivity of the Pacific Island community.

The Southern Cross NEXT Cable system will join the existing Southern Cross systems to provide multiple paths, diversity and robustness to its customers, and the ability to allocate or balance between different cable systems to meet the needs of their business or classes of traffic.

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