SING Cable Between India and Singapore On Target For RFS In 2023

Datawave Networks has locked in its project financing for SING, reached completion of the DTS, and secured commitments from anchor customers.Datawave Networks Press Release
March 10, 2021

The first truly open access submarine cable to directly connect India to Singapore, with branches to Thailand, Indonesia and Oman continues to hit its milestones remaining firmly on track for a 2023 delivery.

Announced in April 2020, SING is the only open access cable directly connecting Mumbai and Chennai with Singapore.  The system includes branches to Thailand, Indonesia and Oman, where onward transit routes to Europe exist.

“Given current geopolitical challenges and the ongoing uncertainty, our open access model, particularly with regard to India, is clearly setting us apart” said Mark Wickham, CEO of Datawave Networks, the system developer behind the SING cable project.

Datawave Networks has locked in its project financing for the SING Cable and has completed several key steps to meet its RFS timelines including completion of the DTS and securing commitments from anchor customers.  The supply contract is in the closing stages of being finalised and the India and Singapore licenses are on track and progressing in line with expectations.

As Mark explains, “The key to the exceptional level of interest in SING is largely due to the neutral infrastructure nature of the business model. SING addresses two key markets – catering to the South East Asia to India market as well as providing options for onward connectivity through Oman to Europe. We are providing open access into multiple backhaul networks at the SING CLS’ with a highly cost competitive and transparent pricing model covering all subsea / terrestrial network fibre end connections.”

Datawave Networks is an independent infrastructure provider of subsea dark fibre pairs.  SING is a high fibre count system offering at least 18Tbs per fibre pair between each PoP. Flexibility is provided at each branch using the latest state of the art WSS ROADM switching capability at the branching unit which is tailored to each customer’s networking needs. The SING system design is currently being finalised to meet its partners and customers specific networks requirements before construction commences in June 2021.

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