SubTel Forum New Interactive Cable Map Released

SubTel Forum Press Release
July 27, 2022

Sterling, Va – SubTel Forum’s new Submarine Cables of the World Interactive Map is now live!

The Submarine Cables of the World cable map is powered by the comprehensive SubTel Forum Submarine Cable Database, and built with the Esri ArcGIS platform, enabling industry users to review and utilize cable system data.

The cable map is a visual and interactive tool featuring 530+ current and planned cable systems, 1000+ landing points as well as 3400+ data centers across the globe.

New features include:

  • An interactive 3D rendering
  • Drag to highlight desired systems
  • Multiple cable system view
  • User selected base map
  • Print/save option

“We are very proud of the map we have put together for our users. The objective for this map is to be an educational and informational tool for every facet of our industry.” said Product Manager Rebecca Spence. “We believe that an informed industry is a productive one and continuing with the spirit of other SubTel Forum publications, the new online map aims to continue to raise the bar on information accessibility.”

As with every publication supported by the SubTel Forum Submarine Cable Database, the data represented is made possible through the extensive research of the analysts at SubTel Forum and from the continued support of industry contributors. It is available without cost to users around the world.

Submarine Cables of the World is sponsored by Infinera.

About our Sponsor

Infinera is a global supplier of innovative open optical networking solutions that enable carriers, cloud operators, governments, and enterprises to scale network bandwidth, accelerate service innovation, and automate network operations. Infinera solutions deliver industry-leading economics and performance in long-haul, submarine, data center interconnect, and metro transport applications.  Infinera’s ICE6 transponders hold the transatlantic capacity record on cables such as MAREA, and are deployed on dozens of cable systems including AAE-1, which is the longest high performance submarine cable system in the world.