The tenth edition of the Submarine Cable Almanac is available now.

In the months since Issue 9 was released, 11 systems were added, 1 system was removed and almost every entry has been updated with new information.

Along with the most extensive update of information to date, the Almanac has also had a major overhaul in formatting and presentation.  Utilizing a new e-reader format, each system is now listed on a full color, two-page spread, as well as featuring new search and navigation features; if you're interested in finding a specific system, or wish to see all systems in a region, simply type that name or region into the search function.

We hope that you, our readers, will participate in this almanac as you've done with our previous products.

Finally, we want to thank all of the sponsors, staff and dedicated readers that contributed to this Almanac. Your feedback has been invaluable.

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