SubTel Forum Magazine #122 – Global Outlook – OUT NOW!

SubTel Forum Press Release
January 17, 2022

What's Inside:

Issue 121 of the SubTel Forum Magazine contains articles from industry thought leaders and magnates discussing the needs of different regions for submarine cable infrastructure around the world.

SubTel Forum Exclusive:

7 Questions with Gil Santaliz, NJFX CEO

Feature Articles:

  • The Carrier Guide to 2022 by Mattias Fridström
  • Looking Forward to 2022 Predictions from 9 Industry Leaders
  • Digitising Africa by Chris Wood
  • Evolving Requirements for Client Representatives by Glenn Hovermale
  • Equinix and AT&T Collaborate to Help Customers Meet Climate Goals by Jennifer Ruch and John Schulz
  • The Price of Fame by John Tibbles
  • Outlook 2022 by Greg Varisco & Dave Crowley
  • The Climate, Cables, and Advocacy: An Opinion by Kristian Nielsen

    And more thought-provoking articles from SubTel Forum.

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

We would like to make a special Thank You to our sponsors this issue. Thank you for believing in this magazine and helping us to continue the work that we do!